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We absolutely love this website. Gang Green Nation is a sports team fan site that has been revamped over the years into this excellent example of a sports fan page.

It uses the teams primary and secondary colors as the foundations and incorporates really sharp images that are relevant to the latest news posts. Nice opacity used on hover of the images to show they are hyperlinks and again uses the teams primary color for this.

It’s works flawlessly on the mobile as its responsiveness caters for all mobile devices; ‘Trust us, we have checked’ and even though there are Ads on the site, they are not ‘POW’ in your face. They actually blend so well that you don’t really event notice them.

‘Woo’, it doesn’t use a nasty slider. Sliders are pretty much useless as there is evidence to show that end users do not really click on the slider object and hyperlinks as this article supports. The only suggestion that we can make is if the homepage was not as long as many users do navigate elsewhere after scroll down so far. However in saying that the homepage does show all news posts within a week old so the news posts are extremely relevant to the reader.

It’s literary a hub of information for this sports team, the New York Jets, as it has outbound links to this teams news pages on Yahoo, can purchase tickets from NFL Ticket Exchange and make purchases at their shop with Fanatics.

Let us know your thoughts on this design by getting in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.








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